1.17 Update #1 News

Apr 14, 2021

Hey everyone!
I can finally announce our plans for the first Minecraft 1.17 update, we know everyone has been excited to hear how we will be dealing with the update, so we hope this sheds some light onto the situation.

First things first, I recommend you watch this video so that you can understand how Mojang intend to roll out 1.17.

Next, I can finally say, we will NOT be resetting for this first update, the world borders will simply be expanded to allow for some of the new stuff to generate! We will also make sure that /wild (/rtp) exclusively teleports into the newly generated chunks as well!

We plan to overhaul a lot of what VanillaHub is during this time so please bare with us! The team will be removing and introducing tons of stuff and hopefully bringing back some of the "vanilla" appeal to the server, alongside streamlining gameplay for new and old users.

This concludes our update blog, we hope this is good news for everyone!

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