1.18 Update FAQ

Jan 2, 2022

When will the reset take place?
The server will be coming offline on the 13th of January and will be taken offline for UP TO 2 Weeks, although the exact date will be announced as soon as it is offline.

What will be reset?
The 1.18 update will reset everything on the server. This means the map, builds, items etc... Ranks purchased on the store will be kept so you wont need to purchase a rank again.

Vault Questions

Whats the vault?
The vault is something that we have created to allow people to bring limited items over to the new update. These items are limited so you will NOT be able to bring materials, tools, weapons and armour.

Can we put tools, weapons, armour and materials into the vault?
You will not be able to put tools, weapons, armour and materials into the vault.

What are tokens?
Tokens are a temporary currency that will be able to be used in the 1.18 update, the reason we are doing this is that the features in 1.18 will be vastly different to the current ones in 1.17, and we do not want some of the OP items from 1.17 to be given to you all straight away

How will I spend tokens?
You can spend tokens later on in the 1.18 update as all features wont be ready upon release and will be gradually released later on down the line.

Can I put keys into the vault?
You cannot put keys into the vault.

Can I put Sets into the vault?
Sets cannot be put into the vault, you will have to convert your Sets into tokens at the NPC in spawn.

Will tags be transferred?
Tags will be transferred as their own crate key as tag designs will be changed, we will do this automatically, yet again this will not happen upon the 1.18 release.

How will we turn sets into tokens?
There will be a NPC at spawn that will allow you to turn them into tokens.

Will bits be transferable?
You wont be able to transfer bits into the new update. I would spend them as soon as possible on getting cosmetics!

Can alts bring items over aswell?
Yes, but only the same items that your main account are allowed.

Can I bring over signed tools?
No, tools, weapons and armour all cannot be transferred, only crate items, hats and sets can be converted into tokens.

Can I bring over custom paintings (map art) ?
No, due to how maps are stored on the server.

General Questions

Will I keep my rank when the reset happens?
You will keep your donation ranks when the reset takes place, so you will not need to purchase a rank again.

Will there be a world download available?
Yes there will be a world download for a limited time. You will be able to download all realms within a month of the server going down for maintenence. BUT this file size will be a huge size that will require file space of an estimated 900GB after extracting for just 1 realm.

Instead of downloading the entire world we highly suggest using this program instead as it will download your base and around it.
You can also download your base yourself if you please using this program: https://github.com/mircokroon/minecraft-world-downloader

Will we still have 3 separate realms?
Everything in 1.18 will be cross-server, so we will still have multiple servers (realms) but they will have the same inventory, levels, stats etc.

Will my home count be transfered?
Your earned home count will not be transfered. Only ranks home count will be transfered.

Will I keep my claim blocks?
You wont keep your claim blocks, this means you will start from beginning. However early players in the 1.18 update will receive extra claim blocks, this will be announced on release.

If you want a specific item brought over, you can open a support ticket and it will be discussed with the team.

If you have any other questions you want added that you think would be helpful please open a ticket on discord.

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