1.18 VanillaHub Update

Nov 17, 2021

Hey everyone!

Minecraft 1.18 is due to come out soon! (as per this tweet from Minecraft)

November 30th is very soon and VanillaHub will not be updated straight away, so don't worry about a reset or anything in the next few weeks :)

The update coming on this date will mean we will probably update the server in January, this gives us enough time to prepare for a new version, update all of our plugins and features and remake VanillaHub to be best suited to deal with the new players and features introduced in 1.18!

We will be resetting the world for this update, which is a first for us and is why this update is going to take so long to complete, the transfer vaults will be available from mid-December and more information will be released about that soon! (alongside a couple of votes you will be tagged in the suggestions channel)

This is all the information I have to give at this time but I hope it clears some things up about the update timeframe.

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

See you again soon :)

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