Christmas with VanillaHub

Dec 1, 2022

Ho Ho Ho! Hello everyone! 👋

A cold breeze has blown over VanillaHub, which means it is almost Christmas time! And because we enjoy the festive season so much, we wanted to share it together with you! We are bringing a lot of new features to the table, including Christmas cosmetics, tags, pets and events! You can read all about it in this post.

Dress up! 🎩

We would like to start this blog post off by announcing the exciting news that we are officially bringing back the long-awaited sets! These are of course all going to be in the theme of the Christmas season.

And next to that we will be bringing back our old Christmas hats and releasing new ones with them, such as presents, antlers and way more!

Decorate your base with our new furniture! 🛋️

You will now be able to decorate your base with our new furniture models! You can look at your decorated Christmas tree while launching in your lazy armchair.

Is that a mini-me? 🧸

Also coming to VanillaHub are plushies! Plushies are our new collectable items. These will be obtainable through a plushie crate. Some plushies will be matching with our new Christmas Sets, but you will also be able to collect plushies of some VanillaHub icons such as Pixel or even ern himself! Who is the first to collect all of them?

For those who have won the "secret gift" in the previous giveaways we have hosted in-game, you will be receiving your own specially made plushie. Do you want a plushie as well? You will be able to buy one through our VanillaHub store. But be quick, because we will only sell a small amount each month.

Even more cosmetics! 🐹

To make it even more festive, we will be releasing 16 new Christmas-themed tags, obtainable through our new winter packs and 3 new pets! We like to introduce you to the Snowman, Elf and Snow Owl.

Events! 🗓️

Our VanillaHub staff have put together a bunch of Christmas-themed events to run throughout this festive month! We will be hosting 4 events, which of 3 will run for a more extended period of time so that everyone is able to take place! Below this header is a list of the events we will be hosting this winter season and the dates they'll be hosted. We will also be announcing these on our Discord.

December 2nd to December 16th - 'Christmas Build Competition'

At the beginning of this month, we will be hosting a build competition with a special Christmas theme: "Santa's Sleigh". You will be able to make your build on our server When you're happy with how your build looks and want to submit your build to our competition, you can do so in the fitting channels on our Discord.

December 10 to December 20th - 'Secret Santa'

Same as last year, we will be hosting another Secret Santa event. On the 10th of the month, a command will go live on the server. When running this command you will be part of the secret Santa event. Our staff will be putting shulker boxes in all contestant's ender chests with the name of the person you will have to get presents for. Fill this shulker box up with some goodies and place it back in the same slot in your ender chest so that our staff can collect these on the 20th of the month and give them to your secret Santa.

December 13th to December 24th - 'Christmas Advent Calendar'

As you may as well remember every year around at Christmas time we have hosted a Christmas Advent Calendar. You will be able to collect special and rare items by opening your calendar every day for 12 days in a row. The first day will be on the 13th of December and the last day will be on the 24th, so make sure you log in on to collect your gifts!

December 24th - 'Present Hunt'

To close off our Christmas events, we will be hosting a Present Hunt on the 24th of December. This will take place in our event realm. You will be hunting around a Christmas-themed map to find Santa's hidden presents. The person with the most presents found wins the event!

New Features! 🌟

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to some new features that will be coming throughout this month. So keep an eye out!

As you might have already wondered, how does one obtain our new furniture... We have reworked our vote shop. Instead of being able to get just one pack, you will now be able to buy furniture, homes, claim blocks and much much more with your vote points!

Next to our vote rewards, we have also been working on playtime rewards. By actively playing on our server you will now be able to collect rewards!

To reward the players that spend time and effort making videos and live streams on our server, we will be releasing a 'Creator Rank'. This will only be handed out to very few people that are actively creating content on This means an actual application will have to take place to obtain this rank.

And last but not least, we have finally added special rank perks to our very own vote ranks. Curious to see what the vote ranks have to offer? Run /ranks in-game and have a look!

We hope your and your family's holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness.

From all of us at the VanillaHub team, Merry Christmas!


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