Marketplace Update

Oct 29, 2021

Hey everyone!

The final update of VanillaHub before 1.18 is here! The marketplace update. Some of the new features are listed below;

  • Cross server trading
  • Auction house
  • Cross server messaging
  • New /shop visuals
  • /bitshop rework

Cross-server trading
We have added /trade (username) to VanillaHub, you can now trade across servers with this to exchange your items between realms!

Auction house
You can now use /ah on VanillaHub, this is a marketplace for users without a shopping spot at /warp shops, the format for selling is /ah sell (price) and this will sell the item in your hand, you can also use /ah sell 10db (for diamond blocks) or /ah sell 10b (for bits)

Cross-server messaging
Using /msg will now work across servers, I will also make the /msg a little bit more pretty in the future

Bits shop
/bitshop has been updated to include more stuff such as homes, hats and old keys (and more coming in the future!)

/shop visuals redone
/shop now looks a little bit cleaner

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