Our plans for 1.17

Jun 8, 2021

1.17 has been released to Minecraft but unfortunately, this doesn't mean VanillaHub will update on the same day as this process takes time.

We will be working towards an update, as it is still early days for 1.17 we do not have an exact ETA for the update, but we hope this will be around 2 - 3 weeks from now. However this isn't a promise, it could be earlier or it could be later.

For 1.17 we have plans to rework some important things and bring out some big features to the server!

First of all, we are planning to rework crates: how they work, how to obtain them and finally what is inside them. We plan to make more use of the resource pack meaning you will see a lot more awesome cosmetics coming to VanillaHub!

Here's a lil sneakpeak of the cosmetics that will be included in the new crates 👀

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