Pets & Hats Update

Jul 16, 2022

Greetings Everyone! 👋

We are starting to release more fun features for everyone to enjoy, over the next coming weeks we will be releasing more cosmetics and fun interactive features!

This update will be released on 16th July @ 7PM BST (1pm CST).
So make sure you are ready to be online on the server and purchase some pets for yourself!

Pets 🐹

Earlier this month we introduced Pixel (The Axolotl) to the top voters, and we saw the demand for more Pets. So here we are, we are introducing 10 New Pets!

Pets on VanillaHub

  • They will be your friendly companion that when activated will follow you around.
  • If your pet dies to natural causes they will respawn. But please take good care of them!
  • They can be activated by using the command /pets
  • Pets will be purchasable on our store @

Hats 🎩

Hats will also be making a return to VanillaHub, these were implemented into the game a while ago. But we are bringing them back to you all!

We will be introducing 9 Mystery Hats tonight at 7 pm along with the pets!

Hats on VanillaHub

  • Hats will be used as they were before, you will be able to collect hats and wear them as you please!
  • To access your hats you will have them stored in /cosmetics GUI.
  • Your hats won't be stored in your inventory, so no more collecting 10,000 hats....
  • We already have many custom hats created and we will be introducing these hats over time to always bring out new content for you guys.
  • Hats will be purchasable on our store @
  • They will be put into Hat Packs.

Extra Note:
A temporary shop will be added after the release of hats settles for you to be able to spend hat points, so any old hats you saved will still be able to be used and not lost!

Giveaway 🎁

In celebration of this update, we will be hosting a giveaway shortly after releasing the Pets and Hats Update.

This giveaway will start at 7.30pm BST on the main vanillahub server.


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