1. Do not use cheats or hacks

Cheating can be using modified clients to gain an advantage over others. These include:

  • Xray (This includes texture packs)
  • Hacking (Such as movement, insta-mine etc...)
  • Alt Abuse (Spamming server with bots)
  • Abusing exploits

2. Do not abuse chat for spamming or advertising

  • Do not spam chat (Sending repeating messages)
  • Do not advertise (This includes another MC server, discord server and social media accounts)
  • Swearing excessively in public chat isn't allowed
  • CAPS should be kept to a minimum

3. Do not grief.

  • Griefing is never allowed, griefing a base that is unclaimed is not allowed.
  • Griefing terrain is not allowed. This includes tnt griefing, cobble monsters, flooding etc...
  • Griefing players farms is not allowed (Meaning do not kill mobs that are uesd for the farm)

4. Do not bypass PVP protections

  • When pvping, both parties must have consented to it.
  • No tp killing, kill warps or traps.

5. Inappropriate names, skins and builds are not allowed

  • Your username must not be inappropriate (Names that are related to sexual themes, racist words, hurtful words are not allowed)
  • Skins must be appropriate and not replicate inappropriate things.
  • Renaming items must be appropriate.

Claiming or basing too close to another base without consent is not allowed, if this happens your claim will be removed by a member of staff. Always best to speak to the player who's base you are next to.

7. Do not talk about politics, suicide, family issues etc in chat that could cause issues.

This means talking about countries politics, political parties, disturbing events in the world. We want to keep chat friendly and mainly about the game.

Talking about suicidal themes should not be spoken about in public chat, if you need to talk to someone about things like this. Please leave this to a private chat.📱

If you are struggling its always best to keep in mind hotlines that can help you: Please visit this website and find your country which will give you a phone number so you can talk to someone about it! @

8. Predatory behavior will not be tolerated.

You can guess what this means...

9. Do not harass other players.

This includes:

  • Tp request spam
  • Sending unsolicited messages to other players (In public chat, private messages, mail)
  • Not leaving a base or claim after being asked to leave
  • Targeting players

10. Do not share personal information about players in public chat

We heavily discourage players sharing personal information of players, so we ask if you need to to keep it to private messages and never sharing it in public chat.

11. Do not impersonate staff members.

Impersonating staff members is never allowed such as nick naming yourself in game.

12. Ban evasion is not permitted

If you have been banned trying to evade this will lead to a longer ban or perm ban

Best thing to do is wait out your ban or try to resolve your ban by opening a support ticket.

13. Do not abuse alt accounts

Mass Abusing alt accounts to:

  • Generating votes
  • Using alts to finish more quests

14. Respect players and staff

Be respectful with staff. We are here to enforce the rules and it’s not cool when people think its personal or something

If you need more clarity on a rule, please open a ticket on the discord server.

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