1.18 Shops Release

Mar 4, 2022

Hello everyone! 👋

We are finally releasing our shop realm on VanillaHub!

If you are used to the old shops on VanillaHub the command have changed a little bit and this article will outline that.

How do I get to the shopping realm?

The commands /warp shop and /warp shops have now been removed and replaced with /shops or /shop, you can use these to teleport straight into the shopping realm from now on :)

How do I rent a plot?

Firstly to find a plot to rent you have to go to the noticeboard in the spawn region (North East Corner), here you can view the plots which are rented and the plots which are available, you can only have one plot at a time!

Next you can use /shoptp (shopname) (e.g. /shoptp shop1) to teleport to that shop! There is also a map next to the board of shops which shows you where they are at!

Make sure when teleporting to the plot you pay attention to the plot size, plots with their name ending with "s" are SMALL plots (8x8 blocks) whereas plots with no character on the end are BIG plots (21x21).

You can now rent a plot directly by using /rent with diamond blocks in your inventory, the prices for the plots are as follows;

1DB per week on the large plots

1DB per 2 weeks on the small plots

(DB = Diamond block)

You can use the /unrent command to unrent a plot once it is rented, this WILL wipe the plot.

How do I get a shopkeeper egg?

Per usual you can buy these at the spawn point for the shop world, you can also get one free egg by using /shopegg :)

The new eggs have a unique skin and are NOT usable on the other servers as a villager egg.

How do I place a shopkeeper?

Hold the shopkeeper egg in your hand and the step by step instructions will come up! Bare in mind you only have access to the TRADING SHOP type of shop for now!

You can also use /shophelp for more info on the shopkeeper GUI once it is placed.

All ranks can change their shopkeeper mob type and all have different max amounts of shopkeepers!

Default rank for example has a max of 5 shopkeepers, the rest are listed on the store page!

You can view the types of shopkeeper that each rank has access to here; click


We are now testing a new cosmetic plugin, you can use the plugin by running the command /cosmetics or /hats.

For now you can claim your teddybear by opening a support ticket with it in your inventory, we will be able to convert 1 per player into the hat cosmetic.

Some Other Commands

  • /shop - Browse the contents of the shops while you are inside of the shop world ONLY
  • /shop search <item> - Search for specific items
  • /addfriend <username> - Add a friend to your plot
  • /removefriend <username> - Remove a friend from your plot
  • /shopinfo - Gets info of the plot you are standing in
  • /shopme - Gets info on all your plots / plots you are trusted in

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