Vanillahub 1.18 Update

Jan 29, 2022

Hey Everyone! 👋

After a long wait it's finally here. VanillaHub is back online so get ready to play!

Lots of things have changed since we were last online including the removal of lots of old features so please check below for a little bit more information.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The whole world has been reset, everyone will have a fresh start once they log on
  • Some perks have yet to be introduced, so you might miss out on some while playing the server
  • We will start off with ONE realm with extra ones coming later
  • All sets, bits and cosmetics have been removed

🐲 1.18 Speedrun Event 🐲

On the evening of the release we will be hosting a speedrun event on the new 1.18 server at 9PM GMT. First player to beat the enderdragon wins the event and will be rewarded with great prizes. To check these and the rules of the event, go to the events channel in our discord.

During the event, rank perks will not be available. This is so that nobody gets an unfair advantage. After the event everyone will be handed their ranks back, same as how it was on the 1.17 server.

If you decide not to take part in the event, you can still log on to play the game and start your adventure. Your progress will be kept after the event.

🖥 Features to be added 🖥

With time we wil be adding more features to the server so you can enjoy your experience on the server even more. Some features you might want to keep an eye out for are:

  • Further border expansion
  • New features such as sets, bits and crates
  • Opening of the vaults you put your items in on the 1.17 server
  • The opening of the new shops

Any questions about the reset can be found in the FAQ. Can't find the answer to your question or did you find a bug? Make sure to contact a staff member in game or open a support-ticket in our discord server.

Come join us on
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