Voting and Resource Pack Update

Jun 1, 2021


This month we decided to update the voting crate, this was long overdue and we wanted to bring something special to everyone. This is also 2X Voting Rewards for the rest of June!
This crate includes custom items such as :

- Custom Tools and Weapons
- Custom Crown
- New Tags!
- Armour Set that changes colour while wearing it!

Axototl Pet
Also for this month of voting we are introducing an Axolotl Pet that can be obtained after reaching 90 Votes within the month of June! So make sure you vote everyday to get the Pet!

Resource Pack Updates
We have made some changes to the resource pack, adding custom crate opening guis that will make the crate opening experience alot nicer.

Also we have added custom key instead of the classic trip-wire hooks!
This can all be seen in this update!

Information regarding 1.17 Update 🚨

1.17 has been given a release date for June 8th, this means we will be updating to 1.17 around 1-2weeks after this comes out.
We will be having a more in-depth announcement surrounding 1.17 coming up very soon!

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