VanillaHub 1.19 Update & Anniversary

Jun 28, 2022

Hey Everyone! 👋

As 1.19 has recently been released and VanillaHub is keeping up to date to keep the community happy!

Here's what you need to know:

  • The world is NOT being reset, but the border is going to be expanded by 10k blocks. This means all the new chunks explored will all be in the new 1.19 biomes and generation!
  • All the new mobs that have been introduced in 1.19 will be live on VanillaHub.
  • The new 1.19 Mobs can also be used as Shopkeepers.
  • Please expect downtime from Midday to 6pm on Thursday June 30th
  • This update will be live at 6pm BST on Thursday June 30th

Anniversary Events 🎉

Today is our 2 Year Anniversary and we are going to be celebrating in many different ways.

Some of the things coming soon:

  • Anniversary Giveaway Wednesday & Friday (29th June 8pm BST & 1st July 8pm BST) 🎉
    - We will be giving away ranks, store giftcards etc...
  • We will also be hosting a Manhunt Event on Friday (1st July 6pm)
    - This will be the Staff vs Community event where the community will have to chase the Staff Team while they try to speedrun survival. (More information will be posted on the day)
  • Live Kahoot Event on Sunday (3rd July at 7pm)
    - This will be hosted live in the VanillaHub Discord (
  • We will also be revealing our secret project we have been working on very soon to everyone, we hope you are as excited as we are for it!

Here is some extra information on the 1.19 Wild Update:

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